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Wha ah gwaan? Im Krikon and this is my blog, it's dedicated to everything i find interesting, esp. Reggae but also movies and graphic design. My reviews feature some low-quality, streaming samples but im not an illegal mp3 blog and will never be. Any artist or label who want their samples removed, let me know. If you want your album or movie reviewed here, post in the chat box and i'll get in touch with you.

January 31, 2008

I miss "Pen and Pixels"

I know alot of folks tend to disslike the "over-the-top" bling bling covers from "Pen and Pixels" but oooh, how I loved them. They are getting more and more rare for each day that passes by but have they been replaced by anything better?

I dunno if it is because im kinda into graphic designing but covers play a large part in deciding what cd's i buy and i have bought countless albums, unheard simply because i loved the special fx laced "Pen and Pixel" cover whit it's cartoony Gangsta look.

That realy isn't happening too often whit todays mixtape covers or the overly airbrushed covers of recent years. Please, return "Pen and Pixel" cause i miss y'all

Best place to buy underground music

For those of us who still prefers to buy music, in it's physical shape and who prefers the unknown, upcoming talents where do we turn? This may seem as an paid, sneaky advertisement but i would have to say that Cdbaby is a safehaven for unknown but great sounding artists "on-the-come-up". You can tell this is a place run by fellow "music nerds", they even have a 5$ cd section that makes it way less risky trying out new artists that you've never heard of but that fits in your favourite genre.

As far as genres go, they got every genre covered and categorised in a multitude of subgenres (it's starting to border on too many subgenre classifications) so no matter what music you like you will easily find the local, hidden gems that would normaly go under your radar. To make shure youre getting something you like they are pretty generous whit song samples, no need to buy anything unheard, even if it's only a 5$ album. If you want unknown artists, give them a try.

January 27, 2008

The blog previously known as "Vybes Central"

When I first started this blog i decided to exclusively dedicate it to Reggae and anything related to it, the thought was not to create the Ultimate blog read and debated on by everyone into Reggae. However, spending time creating a blog that hardly anyone reads or show any interest in is a waste of my (not always so precious) time.

This is why a change had to come, the old content will still be there and i will still cover Reggae music but hte focus has been expanded to cover everything i like and enjoy, such as movies, music, fashion, books, graphic design and whatever else I enjoy....... Hopefully this will boast the interest in this blog and motivate me to update it more often.

So, I hope y'all will enjoy the blog more now than y'all did before/Christoffer